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The annual SAAFECS membership fees of R300 for full members, payable by the end of April every year. To qualify as a student member, proof of registration for the specific year need to be supplied to the SAAFECS membership officer Lorna Christie (Administrative Officer) in order to ensure legibility for such discount.

If membership fees are not paid for two consecutive years, membership will unfortunately lapse without further notification. Membership fees are payable on application for new membership.

1. How do I apply for membership or update my current membership information form? SAAFECS membership application form can be emailed to you.

2. Please complete the form and return it to 

3How do I pay?

Membership fees can be paid electronically into the following bank account:

Account Number: 5-4072-0762
Branch code: 632005

4. For all practical purposes it is not possible for SAAFECS to trace your payment if you do not identify yourself. Please use the following steps during payment and notification of payment to the SAAFECS Administrative Office:

  • Indicate your membership number or initials and surname as reference on the deposit slip during payment of membership fees;
  • E-mail proof of payment to

This will enable us to provide you with a receipt for the payments made. If you have not received a receipt for such payments, it was because the payer could not be identified from the information provided on the bank statement.

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